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Authorized Send CAC/PIV

  • Federal employees whether they are civilian or military (DoD) will find that Authorized Send CAC/PIV (ASend CAC/PIV) is a quick, easy, and secure, way to scan and distribute documents to e-mail recipients, network folders and fax destinations.
  • Users walk up to the device and place their Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card into the card reader and enter their pin.
  • ASend CAC/PIV easily integrates into the Address Book which users can then easily use this function for quick and accurate scan-to-e-mail and scan-to-fax server.
  • Individual government employees who want additional security can do so using validated Encryption and Digital Signatures. This allows individuals users to apply a digital signature and up to 256-bit AES encryption that’s validated with their CAC/PIV certificate prior to using Authorized Send CAC/PIV to e-mail documents.
  • Authorized Send CAC/PIV is a serverless integration that installs directly on Canon devices. It requires no additional server or middleware, and supports several protocols including Active Directory, LDAP, and Kerberos.
  • IT administrators can manage destinations and use audit activity to restrict document distribution to unauthorized locations (i.e., specific domains, e-mail addresses, or Address Books) and create audit trails.
  • To ease administration, distributions and to manage their fleet, IT Administrators can easily deploy imageWARE Enterprise Management Console (EMC) Device Application Management (DAM) Plug-in. The DAM plug in can remotely install, update, and uninstall MEAP applications on network connected devices. IT administrators can centralize Application/License Management, as well as remotely control MEAP applications and gather device application inventory and Information.
  • Authorized Send CAC/PIV easily integrates with Advanced Authentication CAC/PIV; which allows credential sharing between these applications for authorized users to lock down the device and improve efficiency.