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Sepialine: Argos Embedded Copy Tracking for MEAP

Argos is a complete system of tracking, billing, reporting and integration software that delivers the tools to concisely and easily account for print, copy, and other office expenses. Ease-of-use is the hallmark of Argos.

Provides a foundation for:

  • Print tracking
  • Copy tracking
  • Data & analytics
  • Cost calculations
  • Configuration & control
  • Desktop billing client
  • Infrastructure

Benefits include:

  • Ideally suited to how the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry works
  • Integration with popular AEC market software
  • Increases revenue by capturing reimbursable expenses for charge-back to client
  • Capture print/copy/scan metrics to facilitate internal charge-backs and allocations
  • Routes expenses to the desktop for billing to free up the MFP
  • Simple to use – just enter a PIN at the MFP
  • Doesn’t interrupt print jobs