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Control Systems – Copitrak ES for Canon

Main Features
Copitrak ES for Canon uses state-of-the art TCP/IP communications, allowing terminals to communicate back to a central Copitrak Expense Recovery Server (ERS) from any point within an existing LAN and WAN network. Copitrak ES for Canon eliminates the need for external cost-recovery hardware terminals, which allows legal and professional services firms to enhance their workflow by utilizing their existing office equipment technology.

Other features of the Copitrak ES for Canon application include:
Automatically routes, tracks, manages, jobs and assigns costs to jobs.
Presents to users all the Copitrak features expected in a fully integrated single solution:

  • Smartbar interface for client/matter selection of a user’s favorite accounts.
  • Global Last Job Recall and Speed Dial of accounts.
  • Super Search for client/matter codes.
  • Auto complete – the terminal automatically completes client/matter numbers.
  • Multi-language capability by user.
  • Secure Print for network jobs.

Provides real-time link with a firm’s accounting system for validation of client matter numbers.
Co-exists with all other Copitrak terminals on the same network.
Maximizes cost recovery.