How Nonprofit Organizations Benefit Significantly from Secure Copiers

September 15, 2023

How Nonprofit Organizations Benefit Significantly from Reliable and Secure Copiers and Printers


Efficient Document Management:

Nonprofits often deal with a substantial amount of paperwork, including donor records, grant applications, fundraising materials, and administrative documents. Having reliable copiers and printers ensure that these documents can be produced and managed efficiently, allowing staff to focus on their core tasks. Additionally, when utilizing Canon’s uniFLOW Online technology, end users can scan documents directly into SharePoint and other cloud storage solutions for efficient archival, indexing and retrieval. Moving IT infrastructure to the cloud is a priority for many non-profit organizations.

Cost Savings:

While investing in high-quality copiers and printers may seem like an initial expense, it can lead to significant cost savings in the long run. Reliable machines are less prone to breakdowns and require less maintenance, reducing repair costs and downtime.

Studies have shown that the elimination of waste by utilizing Canon’s uniFLOW software will decrease ongoing printing costs by approximately 30%.

Additionally, many non-profit organizations have saved significantly on outsourced marketing and meeting resources by producing those materials in-house for a fraction of the cost. With the built-in technologies in the latest Canon imagePRESS V1000, V900, V800, & V700 products, organizations can produce professional, high-quality output with limited staff training. The automated tools and finishing options have also helped reduce the staff requirements and skill levels required to operate this equipment.

Enhanced Productivity:

Dependable high-speed printers/multi-functional products (MFPs) will streamline day-to-day operations, making it easier for employees to print, scan, and copy documents quickly. This increased efficiency can boost overall productivity within the organization along with enhancing employee morale.

Data Security:

Nonprofits handle sensitive information, including donor details and financial records. Secure copiers and printers help protect against data breaches and unauthorized access to confidential documents. Features like data encryption, user authentication, and secure printing can safeguard sensitive data. All of these features are standard on the Canon imageRUNNER Advance C5850i, a popular device for non-profits. Canon’s uniFLOW Online allows end users to utilize their current badges or fobs for simplified authentication, thereby increasing security without sacrificing convenience. By enabling secure release printing in uniFLOW, organizations can add document security to their end-to-end security policies.

Eco-Friendly Practices:

Many modern copiers and printers are engineered with energy-saving technologies and features, including fast warm-up times, limited power consumption and eco-stapling. Nonprofits that prioritize sustainability can use these features to reduce their environmental impact and minimize their overall carbon footprint. Equipment manufactures like Canon and HP also offer free recycling programs which help non-profits with post-use initiatives as well. Canon and HP’s policies don’t only yield products and packaging that are less harmful to the environment, but their dedication to closed loop recycling efforts and commitment to stop the flow of ocean bound plastics provide non-profits with the peace of mind that they are partnering with like-minded companies for their copier and printers.

Professional Image:

Presenting a professional image is essential for nonprofits, especially when dealing with donors, partners, and the community. High-quality printouts and copies contribute to a more polished and credible appearance. From the digital press products to the entry-level Canon imageRUNNER Advance DX C3926i devices, Canon products are designed to consistently produce high quality documents.

Networking and Collaboration:

Some advanced copiers and printers offer network connectivity and cloud integration, making it easier for team members to share documents, collaborate, and streamline workflows.

Fundraising and Marketing Materials:

Nonprofits rely heavily on fundraising and marketing materials to spread awareness about their cause and attract donors. Reliable copiers ensure that these materials are printed with high quality, maintaining the organization’s reputation.
To ensure these benefits, nonprofits should consider investing in reputable copier and printer brands known for their reliability, security features, and customer support. Specifically, because Canon has been the #1 selling brand for over 20 consecutive years, nonprofits are ensured of their potential reliability and high-quality output. However, selecting the proper support vendor is critical to realizing this potential.